Tennessee State Parks is excited to welcome Andreas and team to Paris Landing State Park!

On the west side of the river, at river mile 66, is Paris Landing State Park. The riverboat landing was important to the people of the town of Paris and Henry County. The park was developed by TVA in the 1940s and is one our oldest and most popular parks, especially for water sports. The body of water upstream of the bridge is the junction of the Tennessee and Big Sandy Rivers and is the widest open water anywhere along the Tennessee.

View of the Kentucky Lake from the beautiful golf course at Paris Landing State Park

Downstream of the bridge, on the east shore is the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area. The 176,000 acres of Land Between the Lakes occupy the east bank for 40 miles downstream. The area was called the land between the rivers before the lakes were created, a peninsula separating the Tennessee from the Cumberland River drainages. This huge area also has 2 Kentucky State Parks connected to it along with Paris Landing on its southeastern corner.

At river mile 62, just downstream of Paris Landing, the river again serves as the state boundary between Kentucky and Tennessee for 13 miles. The waters leave their namesake state at river mile 49. Then, after merging with the Ohio and the Mississippi, again flow along the Tennessee western boundary as part of the “Father of Waters”, the largest river in North America.

View from Paris Landing State Park picnic area

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