Andreas Fath has been a professor in the Faculty of Medical and Life Sciences on the Schwenningen campus of Furtwangen University since 2011.

His teaching and research fields are:

  • Physical and Analytical Chemistry
  • Anorganic chemistry
  • Surface technology
  • Materials development
  • Chemical process engineering
  • Environmental engineering

After gaining his chemistry degree at the University of Heidelberg, he went on to do his PhD.

He has worked in both research and applications. He taught at the University of Heidelberg, was the editor of the trade journal “Eurocosmetics” and worked at the Institute for Microstructure Technology at the Research Centre in Karlsruhe. Here he was mainly involved in the development of new materials for the manufacture of microelements made of metal and high performance plastics. From 2000 to 2011 he worked for Hansgrohe where he was responsible for chemical developments in applied surface technologies.

Andreas Fath owns various patents, one of which is for the electrochemical breakdown of per and polyfluorinated tensides. For this research, he was awarded the Umsicht (Environmental Safety and Energy Technology) Prize by the Fraunhofer Institute.