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  • Is Andreas Fath ready for this test of his endurance? He says he has never been in better shape. And no wonder, because he has been training intensively for the marathon challenge for a year now.

    Competitive swimmer since 1973 (WSV Speyer) winning several Pfalz and Rheinland-Pfalz championships.
    Joined SV Nikar Heidelberg in 1983.

    Greatest successes in the swimming pool:

    • German relay recordholder (1986)
    • German university champion (1989)

    Open water successes:

    • 1996 fastest crossing of Lake Constance from Romanshorn to Friedrichshafen
    • 2008 Winner of the Zürich Marathon Swim (Rapperswill to Zürich) 26.7 km, (over-40 age group), Record of 6hrs 17mins still stands
    • 2011 "Earl of Pearl", Zeller See, 5 km Open Water, (open category)
    • 2012 German Masters’ Champion (45 age group) 2,500 m and 5,000 m open water swimming
    • Various triathlons (Offenburg, Heidelberg, Highlander, Eurodistrict La Wantzenau, …) "First out of the water"
    • 2013 "Earl of Pearl" (over-40) and runner-up in open category
    • 2012 and 2013 Baden-Württemberg Champion over 5,000 m (45 age group), Time: 1hr 04mins 52secs
    • 2014 Swimming the river Rhine for science over 1.231 km within 25 days
  • Andreas Fath was born in Speyer am Rhein in 1965 and is married with 3 sons. But there’s not much time left over for his private life with his job as a professor at Furtwangen University in the Faculty of Medical and Life Sciences and his various sporting interests. Still he tries to spend as much time as possible with his family.

    Luckily, his family shares his passion for swimming as many weekends are taken up just with his competitions. He also enjoys jogging, mountain biking, football and table tennis, as well as paddling on the Altrhein. In winter he adds cross-country and downhill skiing and snowboarding in the Black Forest or the Alps to the list of sporting activities.

    When he’s not busy with his sports, he and his family take advantage of the many cultural events in the Kinzigtal or go on excursions in the area. Straßburg, Freiburg, Karlsruhe and Heidelberg are all popular family destinations, where they can also visit their relatives.

    Andreas Fath is certainly no "fuddy-duddy“ when it comes to music and he enjoys dancing to modern beats at parties with his wife.

    Once a week he dons his apron and cooks for his family – mostly his favourite food, Italian. So it’s often a risotto or some kind of spaghetti.

    During the week there’s his sons’ homework – he’s responsible for the sciences, and his wife for the languages. Because everyone in the family loves it, holidays are always spent near water for swimming, diving and surfing. But at least on holiday, Andreas Fath can enjoy some of his more relaxing hobbies like reading detective stories or watercolour painting.

  • Andreas Fath has been a professor in the Faculty of Medical and Life Sciences on the Schwenningen campus of Furtwangen University since 2011.

    His teaching and research fields are:

    • Physical and Analytical Chemistry
    • Anorganic chemistry
    • Surface technology
    • Materials development
    • Chemical process engineering
    • Environmental engineering

    After gaining his chemistry degree at the University of Heidelberg, he went on to do his PhD.

    He has worked in both research and applications. He taught at the University of Heidelberg, was the editor of the trade journal "Eurocosmetics" and worked at the Institute for Microstructure Technology at the Research Centre in Karlsruhe. Here he was mainly involved in the development of new materials for the manufacture of microelements made of metal and high performance plastics. From 2000 to 2011 he worked for Hansgrohe where he was responsible for chemical developments in applied surface technologies.

    Andreas Fath owns various patents, one of which is for the electrochemical breakdown of per and polyfluorinated tensides. For this research he was awarded the Umsicht (Environmental Safety and Energy Technology) Prize by the Fraunhofer Institute.